Temple of Mindfull Presence
"Exploring Inner Depths, Fostering Community Harmony, and Igniting Personal Transformation"
Purpose and Mission
Temple of Conscious Presence:

In today's dynamic world, the collective yearning for deeper understanding, peace, and spiritual connection remains a guiding light for many. The "Temple of Conscious Presence" aspires to be a sanctuary where individuals can find tools, guidance, and a community to navigate the myriad of challenges and potentials of the human experience.

Core Directions of the Temple of Conscious Presence:

Our mission is to provide a multifaceted approach, blending ancient teachings and traditions with modern insights, and addressing a spectrum of human challenges and aspirations. From the transformative potential of altered states of consciousness to the intricate dance of relationships, from navigating complex life situations to finding one's personal path, from healing the body and soul to accessing wisdom through dreams, from the journey of birth to the accompaniment of the dying, our Temple seeks to offer insights, practices, and support for each unique journey.

  • 1
    Personal Mastery:
    Equipping individuals with tools to navigate life's challenges, fostering leadership, and initiating positive change.
  • 2
    Community Building:
    Prioritizing group dynamics within communities and organizations, promoting collaboration and unity.
  • 3
    Interpersonal Dynamics:
    Interpersonal Dynamics: Navigating the complexities of relationships, from personal to global, fostering harmony and understanding.
  • 4
    Healing and Renewal:
    Recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit, supporting life's pivotal moments.
  • 5
    Conflict Resolution:
    Providing spaces and methodologies to resolve both internal dilemmas and external disagreements, promoting understanding and growth.
  • 6
    Enlightenment and Protection:
    Respecting ancient teachings while integrating contemporary insights, ensuring practices are approached with reverence and intent.
  • 7
    Transformational Journeys:
    Delving deep into the human experience, offering pathways to explore the depths and states of consciousness.
  • 8
    Dreams as gateways to profound wisdom. Offering tools for interpreting and drawing lessons from nocturnal visions.
  • 9
    Body-Spirit Harmony:
    Exploring avenues for long-term physical and emotional well-being, striving for a union between the body and spirit.
  • 10
    Inner Inquiry:
    Encouraging introspective practices, assisting individuals in finding inner answers during challenging times.
  • 11
    Creative Expression:
    Igniting the spark of creativity, enabling individuals to express their true selves.
  • 12
    Individual consultations
    Individual consultations on issues of self-knowledge and gaining insight into the nature of consciousness
Course "The path to your essential self through the wisdom of dreams"
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